** Easter 2018 …Thank You!**

Thank you to everyone who helped make Holy Week a week of Life Changing new experiences!

Special Thank You to Bishop Ough!  Thank you for your Palm Sunday lesson to the kids before The Donkey Parade, for your thought provoking and “come be a part in the parade”,  “get up and come” message that got people up and moving,  for being the caboose in The Donkey Parade, and for hanging out with everyone!

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Thank you to “Save The Brays Donkey Rescue”  for coming, having fun with us in The Donkey Parade, and for sharing “Pebbles” with us! That was an Amazing Donkey Parade!  Thank you Kym and family, you guys are Awesome!

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Who is Pebbles the Donkey?
She is a coming 5 year old miniature donkey who resides at Save the Brays Donkey Rescue in Barnum MN. When she arrived at the rescue as a 2 year old she was wild, untouched, and afraid. With time, patience and love, her life has turned around and she’s ready to spread the love and make new friends. From a wild unhandled two year old to a coming 5 year old her adventures have just begun! Check Pebbles out at “Pebbles the Donkey”  Facebook page.

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Thank you to Rosa for taking us on a journey to Sierra Leone to see what it is like in your church on Palm Sunday with your special singing and dance.

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